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November 27, 2018
By Dr. Chaim Botwinick

The Hebrew Academy's  recent Annual Fundraising Matching Campaign entitled "Celebrating Excellence" was a smashing success. Not only did we reach our goal of $250,000, but with a record 91% parent participation rate, we exceeded it by an amazing $20,000. - - no small accomplishment in today's competitive philanthropic environment.

Upon reflection, one can attribute this success to a wide variety of factors. But, I would like to believe that this success is due in large measure to our school's  growing donor base who are truly inspired by the Hebrew Academy's tremendous academic growth, development and unswerving commitment to academic excellence in both Judaic and General Studies.

This reality is exemplified by our school's ongoing commitment to science through our relatively new STEM program, (now in its second year); our new school-wide advanced math track ;  "Project English Literacy" designed to ensure that each grade level is reinforcing high quality standards of writing, reading and punctuation; a new and expanded Chesed and  Middos program; increased services to students with diverse learning needs and styles; professional growth and development opportunities for our faculty; state-of the-art Gemara instruction via our Gemara Brura program; Chidon student competitions, our annual BrachosBee; our ongoing commitment to "MAP" - a standardized student performance assessment which is administered three time a year; and an amazing cutting-edge Early Childhood Education program which continuously applies best practices and principles to child development,

All of these academic activities are complimented by our exciting physical education program, creative arts classes, amazing reading labs, a nutritious breakfast program;  a vibrant Computer Lab; and a nurturing, empathetic and professional cadre of faculty who are passionately committed to the continued  emotional, social and academic growth, development and welfare of each and every student on our campus. Finally, the attendance at our recent Parent/Teacher conferences and "Curriculum Night" were at an all time high; and the parental feedback has been extremely positive.

My friends, there is something in the air this year which is creating a very positive vibe at the Hebrew Academy. Parents are engaged, teachers are exhibiting exemplary teaching;  students are happy, are  learning and are being challenged to reach their full potential....and its only November!. Wow, can you just imagine how things will look in June, Iy"H.

As we know, the success of our school does not take place in a vacuum. Its the result a continuous commitment to excellence and to an exciting, vibrant shared- vision.

Let us hope and pray that as great as the school is today, with HaShem's oversight, we will grow to greater heights in the years to come.

Thank you for helping us Celebrate Educational Excellent. We are only beginning to embark upon this meaningful and exciting Journey.

Chloe Shapero says:
November 28, 2018 03:39 PM CST
Please know how this view inspires. Often we ( in the trenches) don’t see the school as you described it. Thank you.