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 My name is Fran Green and I love teaching Kindergarten at the Hebrew Academy!

I graduated from Arizona State University with a BS and earned a second degree, CDA (ChildCare Development Associated) from Central Arizona College. My family moved from Arizona to Florida for the education and all of my children have attended Hebrew Academy Community School.
I have been teaching for 20 years and have enjoyed every single experience. Of those twenty years, more than fifteen have been at the Hebrew Academy.
My favorite part of teaching is witnessing the moment the reading skills click in. You can actually see the reaction of satisfaction in each child. It is a big nachas moment.

I teach in units. This means that I incorporate topics into every aspect of learning. For example, if we are learning about plants, we will read books about plants, write about what we observe in nature, conduct science experiments that include planting, dying flowers and paper making. Our math will incorporate manipulatives that include seeds, leaves etc.
In addition, my classroom is set up so that the children can work in centers. They rotate from center to center to complete the tasks at hand. Working in this fashion enables Kindergartners to progress at their own level and pace. This method nurtures differentiation in the classroom while helping the students develop independence while strenghtening their self esteem and self worth.