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HACS Standardized Test Scores Above 50th% Nationally!

HACS Standardized Test Scores Above the National Average!


Every year Hebrew Academy administers standardized tests for several reasons:

  • First, to satisfy Federal and State requirements, because our families are recipients of national, state and local funding.  Step Up, Jewish Federation and our accrediting bodies all require proof of standardized testing in order for funding to continue.
  • Second, and, the important reason for educators, is to ensure that our school is providing your children with the highest quality education possible.  The outcomes of the tests show us where Hebrew Academy shows strength in teaching and where we may need to tweak.
  • Looking at these graphs of class averages shows you some remarkable and positive findings:  all of the class scores put Hebrew Academy above the 50th % in the nation with many into the 75th% and above.  These scores pit our students against students from all other types of private schools, including those which offer ONLY secular education all day and are high-stakes, competitive college preparatory institutions.
  • Individual scores of many students range into the 99th%, the highest scores possible.
  • Finally, we look for every student to grow at least one year/grade level in each area tested.  Overwhelmingly (not shown on these graphs, only in individual children’s cumulative folders) HACS students grew a full grade level; many times multiple years of growth were seen in our latest results.
  • You can feel very confident that your children learned significantly this past year!
  • Please contact the school if you wish your children’s IOWA scores to be sent to you.


This is the last year that Hebrew Academy will use the IOWA Test of Basic Skills.  Beginning in the fall of 2017, students will be tested 3 times during the year and all testing will be computer, not paper and pencil based.