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7th Grade Boys Judaic

Meet Rabbi Hodakov

Rabbi Hodakov and his family relocated to Florida last year from New Haven, CT. For the Hodakovs, the Hebrew Academy is a family affair with wife Perel, teaching our 5th grade girls and the children enrolled in our classes.  The Rabbi has been involved in formal Jewish education for more than 20 years and knows that teaching is his life's calling.

The thing that Rabbi Hodakov enjoys most about teaching is the give and take that Judaic subjects lend themselves to: finding relevance in ancient stories and contemporary times, and the look on a student’s face as it lights up when s/he "gets it"! While often times he teaches the same grade and the same material from year to year, seeing the dynamics of the students together always make every year a new experience.

 While Judaic studies are textbook-based he adds flavor with online forms, voice messaging, videos, and interactive games to make learning exciting and unique. His goal as a teacher for his students is that they will be able to become independent learners, knowing that they CAN. In asking Rabbi Hodakov what he find unique about Hebrew Academy his response was: "HACS puts a premium on the needs of the children, collectively and individually. I have found that this, and the best interest of the students, guides decision making."

We are so thankful that Rabbi Hodakov is part of our extraordinary staff and has brought his incredible experience and dedication to our school