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Summer Renovations 2018


Every summer, we upgrade. Last year HACS invested in major infrastructure, including a new AC System, LED lighting, etc. This summer, it’s more plastic surgery than bodywork. And yet, do you have any idea how expensive plastic surgery is?

Major enhancements will focus on our outdoor areas: 
1) Adding another 20% of outdoor play space!
2) Placing high-grade fake grass over the playground area. 
3) Extending and strengthening perimeter fence.
4) Creating a new Garden Center. 
5) Adding a tetherball court.
6) Repainting parking lot.

School Building: Sealing doors, replacing gutters, replacing floors, painting classes, installing new cabinets and vanities, repairing walls, replacing ceiling tiles, adding book shelves, fixing shades, new boards, replacing water fountains on playground area, etc.

Gym: Fix holes in walls, exchange old lighting system for new, reattach basketball board, install new water fountains, etc.