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Hey Teves Book Orders 2017-2018



People Speak 8 (F)

Price: $19.99


Abe and John A struggle between two lawyers turns personal and unprofessional. No one understands what led to such hatred. And then comes the face-to-face confrontation, and the truth comes out…

The Last Song He passed away more than twenty years ago, but his songs live on. This is the moving story you’ve never heard about the legendary composer’s final hours in this world.

A Little Giant If you saw her you’d think, a dwarf. If you knew her you’d think, a giant. The story of a young woman just over four feet tall, but with confidence a mile high, and how she turned her stature into an advantage.

Intentionally and Unintentionally A bridegroom-to-be is involved in a fatal car accident, losing a good friend — and his fiancée in the aftermath. The only person who can help him is the one who bitterly craves revenge against him…

Chaim Walder’s characters have faced the stranger-than-fiction situations that only real life can offer. With sensitivity and skill, he conveys their thoughts and feelings in a truly powerful way. Hand selected from the multitude of letters that fill Rabbi Walder’s post-office box, each story has a meaningful message and life lessons to be learned.

This is the fortieth book by Chaim Walder, well-known author, educational counselor, and director of Bnei Brak’s Child and Family Center. He won the Magen Layeled prize, awarded by Israel’s prime minister, in 2003. Translated into eight languages, his books are international best-sellers.