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Hey Teves Book Orders 2017-2018



The General (F)

Price: $22.39


An Unexpected Journey...

Laszlo Kocsis, a brilliant young warrior, stands out as the pride and joy of his commanders and illustrious Hungarian nation. With valor and self-sacrifice, this courageous hero rides into the decisive battle against his country’s Ottoman oppressors and single-handedly brings victory to his homeland and to his people. Though he loses his left arm in combat, he returns home crowned with strength and glory, and with a promising future ahead. However, a startling secret from his past is accidently revealed, toppling his life, security, and dreams. Yet from those dark clouds, a new stalwart figure emerges, girded with inner strength, conviction, and a spiritual fortitude that enables him to face even greater challenges of a completely different dimension.

Noblemen and vassals; generals and soldiers; a Jewish-Christian convert and his niece; the Jewish community of Hungary, and the king of Hungary himself, all play a vital role in this epic historical novel set amidst the turbulence and splendor of 19th century Hungary. Here is a story flavored with the richness of the past, with a message that is everlasting.