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Hey Teves Book Orders 2017-2018



When the Ice Melts (F)

Price: $12.79


Will the President listen to an unknown researcher?

Will billionare Sam succeed in changing the climate forever?

Will young Pinny arrive in time to save the day?

When the Ice Melts inlcludes fast-paced action, futuristic science — and a fascinating moral dilemma.

Josh Green is an expert researcher specializing in climate change. Pinny gelbtuch is a kind youngteen suffering from a bully in his yeshiva. Josh and Pinny become unlikely friends, and their many experiences together eventually lead them to Athens,Greece, where they uncover a sinister plan set in action by an enviromental terrorist.

Follow Josh and Pinny around the world as they tackle the challenges thrown their way.

Begin reading this page-turner and be swept away—When the Ice Melts!